Our Rooms

Our Rooms at Little Angels Day Nursery

At Little Angels Day Nursery we have specifically designed different rooms so that as a child’s needs develop, so does their environment. The rooms are predominantly designed around the age of your child with each room having a separate Care Team Ratio. This ratio shows the number of children that one adult has responsibility to work with. Taking the example from The Baby Room, this shows that there are is one adult to care for three children (1:3). The older the children get, the higher the Care Team Ratio.
First Steps Room

Baby / First Steps Room

Care Team Ratios 1:3 (0-2 years)
The Baby and First Steps Rooms offer 15 places within the 2 rooms for children aged 0 to 2 years. The emphasis on these rooms is love, warmth and security, our aim is to create a homely environment. The rooms have been designed so that at each stage of your baby’s development, there is a separate and safe area to play and develop.
There is also an area for sleeping and a changing area.
Your baby’s development will be closely monitored and recorded in their learning journey file. The contentment of your baby is of paramount importance to us. We hope to achieve this by being a small, friendly Nursery and by maintaining close communication with yourselves.
Tots Room

Tots Room

Care Team Ratios: 1:4 (2 – 3 years)
The Tots Room offers places to 20 children aged 2 - 3 years. The emphasis on this room is fun, play and stimulation.
Access to a wide variety of activities will promote the development of many skills. As well as the activities on offer, special emphasis will be placed on potty training and our Care Team will work closely with you in helping your child to develop this skill.
Throughout the Nursery we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage which encourages children under the age of five to confidently explore and discover a wide range of experiences through daily activities, both self chosen and planned.
Pre-School Room

Pre-School Room

Care Team Ratios: 1:8 (3 – 5 years)
The Pre –School Room offers 16 places to children aged between 3 and 5 years, the emphasis on this room is learning through play. As well as the wide variety of play opportunities on offer, children will be introduced to some early reading, writing and numeracy skills.

15 and 30 hours government funding is available (subject to current government guidelines) to all children from the term following their third birthday. This is offered over 51 weeks of the year.
Learning Through Play

Early Years Foundation Stage

In the Foundation stage we follow well planned daily activities alongside child initiated play, which supports the seven areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage, these are:
  • Communication and Language
  • Literacy 
  • Mathematics 
  • Understanding the World 
  • Expressive Art and Design 
  • Personal, Social and Emotional                             Development 
  • Physical Development
These areas of learning are then introduced daily through key group activities and child initiated play. We undertake regular observations to ensure key group activities meet individual children’s needs. We use an online learning journey (Tapestry) to record their development and achievements, parents are invited to contribute to the learning journey file, by way of adding comments, photos etc.
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