World Book Week 2022

Monday 28th Feb 2022

Are you ready for World Book Week?
The whole week children are welcome to come into nursery wearing their favourite characters dress-up.
We will be sharing stories so if your little one has a favourite tale then please send the book in so we can share it with all the children during story time.
Every Little Angel will receive a book token too!
Have fun & please remember that homemade costumes are always the most fun to create either together or a little independent crafting for your little one;
Polka dots on an old shirt for '101 Dalmatians", make some fluffy ears and attach to a headband, pop on the ballet uniform for 'Angelina Ballerina", or even 'Mr Bump' if you have a few bandages in an old first aid kit or get inventive with some toilet roll :)
The possibilities are endless.